Never Trust Government To Protect You

Are you still trusting government to keep guns out of the hands of criminals? How's that worked out for us lately? I'll tell you exactly why it hasn't worked: the world's biggest criminals are IN government! We Americans need to stop being so child-like, and we need to stop trusting the government to protect us. Do you really think it's impossible for criminals to exist within government that use pawns to cause shootings in order to scare people into demanding more gun control laws? That's how they fool the public and amass more police power for themselves! They already have more money than they will ever need, but they want more. They want total power. They want full control over you and me. And they will use every possible manipulation or scheme to get it. I know it's hard to accept that some people could be THIS machiavellian, but that's because you and I are not psychopaths. Even though the Bible warns about how the wicked lie in their beds plotting evil all the time (Micah 2:1, Psalms 36:4), we tend to think others are like us. You and I are predisposed to think we're being paranoid when the evidence of such evil presents itself. Psychologists call this "normalcy bias". Maybe that explains why most Russians just LOVED Joseph Stalin, the tyrant who caused the deaths of over 40 million people during his rule in the USSR. When the Russian people would hear about the atrocities happening in their country, most would say, "If only Stalin knew". He knew!