Do not be deceived


Brute animals complying with their drivers, blissfully unaware that they are headed towards an eventual slaughter and death. But are we humans any different?

Jesus mentions Hell 62 times in the Bible, more than He mentions Heaven. That's how concerned He is for the eternal destiny of our souls. He knows that Hell is real, it is eternal, and it is awful. And without the salvation Jesus provides to those who believe on Him, Hell is the destiny of all mankind. We are born with the sin nature and therefore come into this world condemned already, but God in His mercy and grace provides the opportunity for us to repent and believe the gospel of Jesus Christ. And Satan is likewise already condemned to an eternity in Hell, but without any chance of salvation because he is pure evil and has no capacity for repentance.

I used to have trouble understanding why Satan fought so hard against God if he knew that his future was already decided. But then I thought about what jealousy and blind fits of rage can do. Knowing that he is going down, the devil wants to take every human soul with him if for no other reason than to spite God. He knows that God is grieved by that, not willing that any human soul should perish. But perish they will if they don't repent before they die, and Satan wants to make sure they never get that chance.

I thank God that I was able to repent and believe in Jesus, but I had a few close calls with death in my youth that could have sent me straight to Hell. Satan knows this, so he is working every day to make sure people die prematurely. And what more efficient way is there to kill as many people as possible prematurely than war?

Over 100 million people died in the wars of just the last century alone. It is by far the greatest killer, and therefore the best vehicle for the damning of souls. As an added bonus, it enriches satanically influenced people who instigate these wars for profit.

My plea to anyone who will listen is this: Jesus said in Matthew 5:9: "Blessed are the peacemakers, for they shall be called sons of God." Do we want to be blessed as a nation and give everyone as much opportunity as possible to repent and believe in Jesus? Then stop complying. Withdraw support for immoral, unjust and illegal wars. Romans 12:18 says that if it is possible, as much as it depends on you, live peaceably with all men.

This does not mean giving up on self-defense. We have a God-given right to life and self-preservation, but governments have a long and sordid history of inciting its citizens to support wars with phony pretexts. Rarely has America been directly threatened in the myriad of conflicts it has been involved in recently. And the whole idea of preemptive war is repulsive. Attacking someone first because you THINK they are planning to attack you is the very definition of aggression at best, and paranoia at worst.

Do not let partisan loyalty or some misplaced notion of patriotism convince you that it's okay to do wrong so that right will come out of it. This is yet another deception from Satan.

If choosing right over wrong puts you in the the minority, so be it. Hitler had millions, Jesus had 12.

And the herd is usually wrong.

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