Condemened No More - Hip-Hop Remix dropping soon



I'm looking forward to the remix of "Condemned No More". Now I'm just waiting for my guest CHH artists R.E.D.D. and The RNF Status to do their thing and add the verses. In the meanwhile, here's the cover for the single. Yeah, I know I look like I just got out of prison. But in a spiritual sense, that's what happens to all of us when we first put our faith in Jesus Christ!

Just as anyone in prison has lost their physical freedom, anyone who sins and does not belong to Jesus is imprisoned by that sin. They are a slave to sin, with no freedom to stop sinning (John 8:34). But whoever believes in Jesus is freed from the prison of sin and unbelief that results in condemnation (John 3:18) and is set free indeed (John 8:36). They are condemned no more, and can now walk in the Spirit. (Romans 8:1). That verse is what I based the chorus of this song on.

By the way, we don't have to make "walking in the Spirit" some kind of mysterious otherworldly thing. It just means having the ability to obey the truth and not to obey the lie. Christians sin not because they can't help it, because help is always available to anyone who has the Spirit of Jesus living in them. Christians sin because they willfully resist the Spirit. Non-Christians, on the other hand, have no choice but to sin because it's human nature and they don't have the help of the Spirit. Resisting sin is a characteristic of the divine nature, therefore the power to resist sin can only come from a divine source. We call that source the Holy Spirit, and we call this power grace. And we define grace as the God-given ability within us to obey the truth.

If you belong to Jesus, I hope this track captures a little bit of the joy you must have felt when you knew you were condemned no more!

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