What Can One Person Change?

Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed citizens can change the world; indeed, it's the only thing that ever has. -Margaret Mead

Recently, I was talking with a friend about the current state of world affairs. He wondered if there was really anything one person could do to change things for the better. It's a fair question, considering the tidal wave of evil that seems to be engulfing us. I reminded him of the thought expressed in the above quotation by Margaret Mead. But this weekend I looked up that quotation and saw it in a somewhat different light.

You see, there is also a small, thoughtful group of committed citizens changing things, but for the worse. They are light years ahead of the rest of humanity in strategizing evil deeds. Call them what you like: tyrants, technocrats, international bankers, trans-humanists, globalists, Zionists, New World Order people, etc. And they know that one person CAN make a huge difference. But since they work through deception because their father (Satan) is the father of all lies, they try to create the illusion that they are invincible and that one person can't change anything. 

As Christians, we know that even though Satan appears to be winning he has already lost. And yet we can be so easily discouraged that we fall for the lie and believe that change is futile. If you trusted Jesus, you already know that change is possible because He changed you from a hell-bound sinner to a Heaven-bound saint. But a Christian can change even more than that.

The next thing they can change is their own thinking through the power of God. But first they must desire to change, and that takes courage, humility, hard work and a love for truth. Unfortunately many professing Christians do not want to pay that price and will use Bible prophecy as an excuse for inaction (for example, "things will get worse so why fight it?"). Or they will say they're too spiritual to concern themselves with earthly things, thus becoming no earthly good for God or for the rest of us. Whatever the excuse may be, they are just kidding themselves. But if they truly desire to change their own thinking, they can change the thinking of the people in their sphere of influence, no matter how small that change might be.

Someone once said that our lives are the sum total of the people we have associated with and the things we have read. There's a lot of truth to that, so much that often we are unaware of the changes that outside influences have made in us. Therefore we must choose our friends and books wisely. Obviously the Bible would be our wisest choice in books, and if we take the Bible seriously, we see that God is not too fond of crowds or large numbers.

When you read the Bible, you understand that it's mainly the story of a very small committed group of God's citizens that changed history. It's the story of a handful of people who trusted God enough to resist pharaohs, kings, emperors, false prophets, etc. The ultimate example of this is Jesus and the Twelve. The influence of these few caused the eventual downfall of the Roman Empire, the most powerful force of that day. Here in the United States, a small minority of colonists (maybe 10%) prevailed in the American Revolution against the British Empire, which was the greatest military power in that day.

So if you want to be right with God and on the right side of history, you probably don't want to follow the crowd or "go with the flow". Be part of that small, committed group of citizens on the side of God, who is the Way, the Truth and the Life (John 14:6).

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