Because He Is Glorified, We Are Justified

In about 3 weeks, we will be celebrating the most important event in all of human history.

That event is the resurrection of Jesus Christ. He proved that He conquered death itself by rising from the grave. By doing so, he displayed His glory.

He is now in Heaven... glorified!

Soon I hope to make another song available to download, entitled "Glorified". As I continue to work on the music in the studio, I want to talk about the glory of Jesus, and what it means for anyone who puts their faith in Him.

When God the Father sent His Son Jesus to die on that cruel cross, He knew there was no other way to save us.

He knew we would never be good enough to go to Heaven. Only perfect creatures can live there, because Heaven is a perfect place. It's where God's throne is. If you or I could go there in our present condition, Heaven would stop being Heaven. It wouldn't be perfect anymore. We would mess it up, just by being there.

Do you see why God can't let us into Heaven by our own efforts? We can't just be a "good person" and live a "good life". We will never be good enough. We will always fall short of perfection.

The Bible calls that sin. We were born sinners.

So if we can't go to Heaven, that means we would perish, and be separated from God forever. The Bible calls that Hell.

That's the bad news, because it's impossible for us to change our sin nature.

And yet, the Bible says that God so loved the world that He gave His only begotten Son, that whoever believes in Him should not perish but have everlasting life.

But what does it mean to "believe in Him"?

It all comes down to loving the truth.

It's not enough to say you believe in Jesus or even to believe He exists. That is not a faith that saves anyone. Even the devil and the demons believe Jesus is who He says He is, but here's the difference:

They don't love Him! They hate Him!

Believing Jesus means loving the truth, because Jesus said He is the truth.

Loving the truth means agreeing with Him (read the Bible to find out what He said) and seeing ourselves as we really are, as He says we are- as sinners needing forgiveness from God and needing to repent (turn from) our sins.

The first sin we need to repent from is the sin of unbelief in Jesus. That is the one sin that can keep us out of Heaven.

Do you believe Jesus is your Lord and Savior? The Bible says that God gives us the faith to believe. But it also says we must ask for it. We must show God we really want it.

When God gives us the gift of faith and we truly believe, we then believe what Jesus said, we love what He said, we hold on to what He said, and we have a desire to live according to what He said. Because what He said is Truth with a capital T. And we love the truth, so we love Him.

It doesn't mean we stop being sinners. But it does mean that God forgives our sins. All of them. Past, present, and future.

When we believe in Jesus and believe that His death on the Cross paid for our sins, it's like this:

Jesus shows up in God's court with payment for our sin debt to God, and we ask God to apply that payment to our sin account. We ask God to accept Christ's sacrifice as payment for our sins.

When God does that, our sin debt is paid in full. Once for all. He then treats us as if we were like Jesus and had no sin. Case dismissed!

We are now justified (made right) before God. Forever.

Once we are justified by repenting from unbelief in Jesus, God begins to help us repent from our other sins.

That's a process called sanctification. More on that in my next post.

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